How fast are websites built with RetroStack?

Compared to traditional website builders - VERY. We strive to optimize our themes to consistently hit above 90 points in Pagespeed/Lighthouse scores.

Of course, this may vary a little depending on network conditions and the amount and type of content you have… but it’s still way faster than most of the alternatives.

Can I change the font, color and composition of every element?

No. If you want to customize and change every element on your page, this tool isn’t for you.

Our themes are crafted using our decades long experience to look modern and sleek, and you shouldn’t need to modify them beyond adding your own content. The whole point of RetroStack is to use our experience to your advantage. And at the end of the day, we know that your message and content is what’s important.

Can I add my custom domain?

Absolutely! And no, it doesn’t cost extra! That would be like selling you a car without the tires. We know how annoying those “optional extras” can be!

Is there a limit to how many pages / posts I can have?

Nope. Create as much content as your heart desires. Our static website generator is built to handle it.

Can I have more than 1 website per account?

Yes. Have as many as you want - the price is per website, not per account.

Build and host a website for $1 / month