Building static websites like it’s

WTF is a “Static Website” ?

A Static Website is exactly what you’re used to on the surface. But underneath, it has no databases, complex server architecture or dynamically generated content. Unless you're building a social network - you don't need all that. It just slows you down.

Instead of generating your website from scratch every time you get a new visitor - like most websites do - with a Static Website, it’s pre-generated. Just once. Making your page faster and more accessible to users.

So, why should you use this “old tech” in 2021?

  • It’s fast! Like, really fast. And speed matters if you want to rank higher than page 5 on Google.
  • It’s secure! Because there’s no databases or complex servers... there’s not really much to hack.
  • It’s maintenance free! There's nothing to update or manage. Leave the back-end stuff to us.
  • It’s reliable! If one data center in the cloud fails, others seamlessly take over serving your site.
  • It’s simple! Meaning there’s a lot less that can go wrong. Your whole site can be served by a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Content Delivery... What?
You can’t just make shit up!

Traditional websites are bound by a single server in a single geographic location. So, that user in Sydney first has to wait for your page to generate and then be delivered all the way from the server in New York. And that takes a bit of time.

Content Delivery Networks and Static Websites are unique, since you can host them on multiple servers at once. This brings your website closer to all of your customers, cutting their wait time in half.

Oh, and if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse Down Under - your content will still be available for the rest of the world. How’s that for reliability?

Your message matters, not the font you say it in!

We’ve been doing this for a long time, so when we say “you don’t need to customize and change every little thing,” we know what we’re talking about. And in today’s climate, waiting six months for that “perfect” website is six months too late. So, stop waiting, and get your site up fast!

Build and host a website for $1 / month

What you get

  • - Link your custom domain
  • - Free SSL certificate
  • - Custom CDN
  • - No ads, no “powered by”, no BS
  • - No commitments